We enjoy creating beautiful, bespoke furniture that you’ll love.

About Us

T&B Bespoke Furniture brings together the complementary skills and creativity of Nick and Aj Cook.

We are the T&B of T&B Bespoke Furniture.

What does the T&B stand for?  Tinbum (Nick) and Buckethead (Aj).

Nick, a qualified carpenter and licensed builder, was given the nickname Tinbum growing up… because Nicholas …. nickel ass….Tinbum, of course.

Aj is a qualified boilermaker, commonly referred to as a ‘Buckethead’ in the industry thanks to the shape of their welding helmet.

Together we own and operate a bespoke building business based in Bathurst, NJC Building, where we have the opportunity to craft dream homes for clients. Over the years, as we’ve built homes, we have enjoyed combining our skills and expertise to create beautiful furniture and unique items from timber and steel for ourselves and others. As interest grew in our work we decided to create a business that gave our creative side free rein and so T&B Bespoke Furniture was born.

We have a passion for working with recycled and sustainably sourced materials and love working with clients to design and craft unique furniture that suits their lifestyle and personality – dining room tables, hall stands, book racks, towel racks, side tables, the list keeps growing.

We have a young family, so we understand the need to combine form with function, and the desire for something beautiful that is handcrafted, feels good to touch, and speaks to your soul.

Our Values

We believe our great reputation is founded on the values we live by:

We value honesty & integrity;
We are respectful & loyal;
We value open & honest communication;
We do what we say we will do;
We work smarter & harder;
We have & we uphold high standards;
We think outside the box & maintain quality;
We are kind & community focused;
We are environmentally resourceful;
We grow skilled tradespeople; and
We practice gratitude.

Materials We Use

At T&B Bespoke Furniture we embed environmental sustainability practices into all that we do.  We are passionate about using sustainably sourced materials and we love recycling high quality old timber and steel.  We are always on the hunt for old bridge timbers and other quality materials that we can reclaim for a second long life as someone’s much-loved bespoke furniture.

We do use new materials too! And if you have your eye on something in particular we’d love to chat to you to bring your dream bespoke furniture item to life.

Bespoke design

Crafting beautiful furniture and unique items is something we love to do.  We also love working with you through the design phase to ensure your furniture is designed to look and function they way you envision it should. From rustic looking chopping blocks, to outdoor bar tables, every commission has a purpose and the design process allows us to better understand the physical and emotional purpose you have for your bespoke item.

Whether we’re crafting a gift, a long-held dream, a whimsical addition to your home or a hardwearing practical piece to ease everyday tasks, collaborative design will bring the best results.

Our team

We’re looking for great new team members

T&B Bespoke | Nick Cook
Nick Cook


Nick is a qualified carpenter and loves working with raw materials on out-of-the ordinary projects. He applies his passion and commitment to handcrafting unique items that last a lifetime.

T&B Bespoke | Aj Cook
Aj (Alex) Cook

Director/Business Manager

Aj loves is an accomplished qualified boilermaker with a passion for crafting unique furniture to custom designs. She enjoys collaborating to craft items that have purpose and elegance and are built to last a lifetime.

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